BlogDay2006 is Here: My Recommended Blogs

OK, today is August 31st, 2006. BlogDay2006 is here!

Following Nir Ophir's fascinating initiative which was born in the 1st Israeli Blog conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 1st, 2005, I hope that the Blogosphere will be full of Knowledge Sharing and collaboration all over the globe.

I am sure that due to BlogDay2006, this day, every one of the readers all around this virtual world will be busy in reading these recommendations which will enrich our personal and public knowledge. Browsing around new blogs will contribute to a more educated and intellectual world.

Recommendations are always subjective, personal and of course, targeted. Mine are the same,: they reflects my areas of interests. Three of my recommendations are to be categorise as 'professional'  however, I do believe that eventhough at first sight these recommendations seems professional and therefore, limited or narrowed – I invite you all to brows, read, and learn. The last two recommendations are 'personal', but – if you look at them carefully, you will see 'professional' roots here and there. Ah! One more thing: I think you will see some 'personal' roots hiding within the 'professional' recommendations.

However, this is what the story of blogs is all about, isn't it?

So, here are my own Six recommended blogs which I discovered since BlogDay 2005:

Cognitive Edge by Dave Snowden – At first, I happened to hear and then meet Dave in a conference on 'Knowledge Management and Intranet Solutions' in London', early 2001, delivering a workshop on Storytelling as an approach to share and communicate Knowledge within organisations in the business scene. At that time I was excited to see that this issue is talked and discussed. I start thinking to embark my journey towards PhD. Few years passed, meanwhile I was glad to meet Dave when he was in Israel in July 2004, and talk about this topic. At that time, I was deeply 'inside' my PhD. on "Executives as Storytellers".  Few months ago, Dave launched his new blog in which he share with readers his views and work on Sense Making, Narratives and related issues.

Social Spaces by Ross Mayfield – Social networks lay at the core and heart of the economy in this knowledge era. Ross is definitely one of the insightful and challenge thinker on the topic of the role of Social Networks and its applications such as blogs and Wikis, their use in support Marketing and other relevant topics. – By Larry Prusak, Tom Davenport and Don Cohen – These three thinkers within the field of Organisations, Management, and Strategy stands among the center of the body of knowledge of KM (Knowledge Management), following their rich experience in the academy and the business scene as well. They publish many books, alone and together which stands as signpost on the social nature of organisations. I was privileged to meet Larry Prusak In Israel on 2004, and wrote a post after this meeting, Here (in Hebrew). Another colleague of mine wrote about Larry Prusak in the Hebrew version of Wikipedia, here. (In Hebrew). Now they are sharing a new blog in which they lay their personal and unique views on Business, Management, Storytelling and – Blogs!

Reflections of a Knowledge Manager by Christian Young – Just recently, I explored Christian Young's blog where he is reflecting on his role as Knowledge Manager. It is refreshing to read these update experience, as well as to find similarities and lesson learned. Between the years 1999-2004 I served as Knowledge Manager within The Engineering & Planning division of Bezeq, The Israeli Telecom Corp. This challenging period on this transforming role was the launching base for all my current activities, since then. Amongst, the establishment and initiation of the Israeli Knowledge Management Forum. Therfore it can give me an opportunity to reflect on Christian reflections.

Frequent Flyer Chronicle by Tuvia Marmarelli – As you all probably know, one do not have to go far away in order to discover a unique story. Tuvia, an old friend, spent a lot of time in the air. lastly, he called and ask for my advise since he wanted to initiate a professional newsletter. Hearing him,  I urge him to blog. Following my recommendation, he started this new blog in which he share some of his stories as an international High-Tech salesman.

Balagan by Renatinha – Balagan is a Hebrew expression for 'Mess'…Being an Israeli who wish to have a broader and comprehensive view on the world, I want to recommend you to point your browser to this blog so you can have this special look on the Israeli mess as it seen from (As the Israeli blooger express it in her own words) "Insights from an Israeli girl with an international soul".

Have fun on this BlogDay2006!

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