The whole story "In plane English"

Somehow, along my almost-fifteen-years of Interneting, in which I totally implement the notion that we are social networkers and all-time conversating, collaborating and sharing ”creatures” I tend to believe, based on my own experience, that many of us still does not understand, or use challenging and insightful web-based utilities and services, such as Blogging, Twittering, Wiki-ing, “Facebooking”, RSSing, Photos and Videos Sharing, etc.

I recall that it hits me when I explain to a friend, a “Geek” one, how the Internet “reads” for me, by connecting Technorati’s RSS Feeds of my Watchlists (on issues I am interested about) – to my Google RSS Reader. By doing that, I enjoy worldwide feeding on issues I care about, and it keeps me professionally updated. I turned out, that my friend knew and used Technorati, and of course uses Google Reader, yet he was not aware of the combination of the two.

His response was a a kind of ‘relief’ for me; he said: “Well, one should never under-estimate the users….”. I took it as a compliment… 

All these social networking features can help us to be more communicative and also productive in our daily life, personal or professional life – so, why not use them?

It may be so due to lack of time, yet I assume that it is mainly because people think of it as Technology, and therefore, for that reason, it is positioned for them as ”out of reach” for “plane ordinary” people.

For that purpose, let me suggest that you will browse Lee Leefever’s collection of “In plane English” short videos, that put it all in the right context: “How I can wisely use these utilities in a way they will assist my way of communicating, writing and learning?”

Have fun!



Just as a demo, here is the one expaining Twittering, in plane English!



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